3 Ways To Deal With Hip And Back Pain During Pregnancy

20 January 2015
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Two unfortunate symptoms that come during pregnancy are hip pain and back pain. Many women experience this combination of pain as their hips widen and their babies grow larger. If you are pregnant and dealing with hip and back pain, you may want to try one of these remedies.

Physical Therapy Exercises

Trying some basic physical therapy exercises is a great way to reduce or eliminate the pain on a daily basis. Your hips, in particular, can get sore and can cause your legs to hurt. Try the following exercise:

  • First, stand with your feet together while looking straight ahead. Next, lunge your right foot forward so that your left leg is fully extended behind you.
  • Next, bend your right leg so that it makes a ninety degree angle; this will drop your left hip and pelvic bone so that it will stretch out. You can even drop down below a ninety degree angle for a deeper stretch as long as you can keep your balance. If you can't maintain your balance you can let your left leg rest on the floor for a lower lunge.
  • Hold this for 30 seconds, and then repeat on the other side. You can do this several times until the pain starts to dissipate.

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Second, try using a TENS unit on your lower back and hips when they start to hurt. Many people find success with TENS units because the units send electrical impulses to the muscles and nerves, thus helping them to relax.

Just make sure that you consult with your obgyn first to make sure you can safely use this device during your pregnancy. While it should not be a problem, you should always ask so that you are on the safe side.


Lastly, applying heat to your hips and lower back is a great way to relieve the pain and help the blood to flow properly. While a pregnant woman should not sit in hot water or surround her body with really hot temperatures, it is usually safe to use a heating pad or a heat source on small areas of your body.

The heat will help you to loosen the muscles, and then you can stretch better. If you wake up in pain, use this method for a few minutes each morning.

By doing these 3 things, you can make sure that your pain is lessened on a regular basis.