Personal Care Vs. In-Home Nursing Services FAQs

18 September 2018
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As older people etch their way into their golden years, there are a lot of changes that can prevent them from doing all they need to do at home to stay healthy, clean, and happy. Personal care services and in-home nursing services have long been contenders for helping aging individuals stay in their homes instead of moving to a care facility. What's the difference between the two? Here are a few things you should know. 

How is personal care different from in-home nursing care?

Personal care services do not really focus on health needs specifically. Instead, the personal care professionals tend to needs on a more "personal" level. For example, the care provider will help around the house, run errands, and help your loved one take a shower. An in-home nurse would handle things like wound care, physical therapy, and medication administration. While some personal care staff members are capable of helping your relative take their medications as needed, they will not provide medical advice or attention that they are not trained or qualified to give. 

Who is best suited for personal care services instead of in-home nursing?

Because personal care could be deemed as just a little personal assistance at home, it is not the best service for people who have major health conditions and need ongoing nursing care. Of course, you could have an in-home nurse who tends to your loved one's medical needs and a personal care assistant, but most people prefer to hire one or the other. People who are best suited for personal care may have problems with things like:

  • preparing healthy meals for themselves
  • showering and personal grooming
  • getting to and from doctor appointments or the grocery store
  • doing laundry, dishes, or other basic household chores

Will insurance cover personal care services like it often does with in-home nurse care?

Whether or not insurance will cover personal care services will depend on what type of coverage your loved one has and the state where you live. For example, in the state of Idaho, personal care services are covered through the state's Medicaid program if the elderly individual has that coverage. You can learn more about personal care services from a company like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living.

Personal care services make it easy for your loved one to live a satisfied and dignified life at home for as long as they can. Reach out to a personal care provider in your area for more information about what may be available for your elderly loved one.