The Beginning Stages Of Dental Care For Your Child

31 December 2014
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Even though your baby may not have any teeth, it is still important to start a routine of proper dental care. It will help make sure that their teeth grow in healthy until their adult teeth finally come in. Here is what you need to do in order to help get them on the right path of healthy teeth. Wash Their Gums Taking a moment each day to wash your baby's gums before bed will get them in a mindset early on that they need to take care of their teeth. Read More 

Female Sterilization Options: Tubal Removal, Ligation Or Implants?

29 December 2014
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If you're a woman who is done having children, or who does not plan to have any kids, one option for effective birth control is tubal ligation. This refers to any way of altering the fallopian tubes so that an egg from the ovaries can no longer travel into the uterus for fertilization. There are a few different options available now to women, but which one is best? Tubal Implants Read More