Recovering From A C-Section? Avoid These Common Mistakes

15 December 2021
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Whether it is planned, an emergency, or a result of the natural course of labor, a Caesarean section, or C-section, is a major surgery. Just like any other type of major surgery, your doctor will provide you with a set of aftercare instructions that will help ensure you heal as quickly and efficiently as possible. While you are recovering from your C-section and enjoying being a new parent, here are a few common mistakes you need to avoid. Read More 

Different Uses For COVID-19 Testing Companies

16 November 2021
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COVID-19 testing companies will have staff who are trained to test individuals for COVID-19. They will either use rapid-result tests or molecular lab tests. Some companies will offer both since they each have their benefits. Rapid-result tests provide same-day results, while molecular lab tests will take a few days to process. For more accurate results, molecular lab tests are recommended. Depending on your specific needs, the COVID-19 testing company will either provide you with full-time staff members or staff members as needed. Read More 

3 Ways You’ll Benefit From Urgent Care

14 October 2021
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Your health should be a top priority. If you're sick, you may not be able to go to work or school. However, with urgent care, there may be no need to miss out on the activities you love. It will help you with various illnesses and injuries and enable you to get back your life as soon as possible. Here are three ways you can benefit from using urgent care services. Read More 

Medical Curette Retipping: What You Need To Know

16 September 2021
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Whether you are a dentist who uses dental curettes to perform root scaling procedures or a medical practitioner who utilizes a variety of curettes when performing patient procedures, such as taking tissue samples, you likely know that these instruments become dull over time and often need frequent replacement. Since medical instruments can be pricey, the cost of frequent curette replacement can add up greatly over time.  If you are tired of spending so much money on curette replacements, then read on to learn about more affordable curette retipping that can help your practice keep your dental or medical instrument replacement costs down. Read More 

Key Advice When Buying Antibodies For Research Purposes

5 August 2021
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Antibodies are amazing resources to use in research, especially studies focused on cellular activity. If you need to purchase some of these antibodies from a supplier, here are some things that can aid these research-related transactions.  Figure Out Which Antibodies Are Appropriate There are hundreds of antibodies you can buy from suppliers today. They will have different characteristics and research purposes, which you need to assess carefully in order to end up with research antibodies that help your operations. Read More