Key Advice When Buying Antibodies For Research Purposes

5 August 2021
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Antibodies are amazing resources to use in research, especially studies focused on cellular activity. If you need to purchase some of these antibodies from a supplier, here are some things that can aid these research-related transactions. 

Figure Out Which Antibodies Are Appropriate

There are hundreds of antibodies you can buy from suppliers today. They will have different characteristics and research purposes, which you need to assess carefully in order to end up with research antibodies that help your operations. Come to a conclusion about the purpose of your research activities involving antibodies.

What are you looking to study and gain insights on using antibodies? Maybe past research can dictate which antibodies you go after, or maybe getting help from an antibody supplier would help you narrow the field of choices. Just get confirmation on the proper antibody so that you structure your research and studies correctly in the beginning.

Identify the Source

A huge factor to consider when searching for the right antibodies for research purposes is the source of the antibody. Where did the antibody come from? It could have been a mouse, rabbit, or other small animal studied in a laboratory setting.

The source is going to determine some key aspects of the antibody, such as quality and characteristics. Whenever you click on a particular antibody on a supplier's page, the source should be marked so that you don't remain in the dark when assessing this important detail.

Make Sure Histologists Are Available for Support

Every research antibody supplier should have technical support available just in case you have problems checking out or figuring out which particular antibodies to buy. This support makes a huge difference in the transactional experience, especially if histologists are available to answer your questions.

Histologists are professionals that specialize in preparing tissue samples for further analysis, and they are an extremely helpful party to consult with when you're not sure which antibody to choose or how you'll need to work with it in a study. They can guide you to meaningful answers and give relevant assistance when it's needed.

Labs today can buy antibodies in a pretty convenient way because there are so many online suppliers that offer these solutions. If you take your time studying a supplier's antibody inventory and use the appropriate help when warranted, you'll effectively facilitate these transactions when they come up. 

For more information, contact a research antibody supplier, such as Immuno American.