Dealing With Numbness And Tingling In Your Feet? 4 Steps You Need To Take

28 September 2022
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If you experience tingling and numbness in your feet, it's time to take action. There are several reasons why you might experience these sensations. Some of the reasons include spinal injuries, foot neuroma, and peripheral neuropathy. But, there are other reasons as well. Not sure what's causing the numbness and tingling in your feet? Read the information provided below. Here are four tips that will help you get to the root of the problem. Read More 

Taking OTC Sleep Aids? Why Switch To Prescription Sleep Medicine

29 August 2022
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If you're struggling to get to sleep at night, you might think that an over-the-counter sleep aid is the best way to go. If you only deal with insomnia once in a while, an over-the-counter sleep aid might work for you. But, if insomnia is a nightly occurrence, you need to talk to your doctor about prescription medication. If you're not sure that prescription sleep medication is right for you, read the list provided below. Read More 

Why Provide A Self-Funded Employer Health Plan?

27 July 2022
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Health insurance is a necessary precaution for everyone. It's also a legal requirement that employers must offer to their employees. Many employers choose to offer health insurance through large insurers. However, employers can also choose to handle employees' health claims directly through self-funded health plans. Here are four reasons to provide a self-funded employer health plan to your employees. 1. Tailor your health plan to suit your employees' needs When offering health insurance through a pre-existing health insurer, employers must choose from available health plans. Read More 

What Should Patients Understand About Drug Combination Products?

21 June 2022
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If you have a medical condition that requires you to use medications or medical devices at home, you may be using what's known as a drug combination product. A combination product is one that contains two or more FDA-regulated components, such as a drug-device combination, biologic-device combination, or drug combination. For example, prefilled syringes, inhalers, transdermal patches, nasal sprays, etc. are some examples of combination products because different components may be made by more than one manufacturer, pharmacy, medical technology supplier, etc. Read More 

Foot Drop Treatment: Do You Need Foot Orthotics Therapy?

24 May 2022
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If you suffer from foot drop in one of your feet, your family doctor may recommend you take physical therapy to improve your gait. But if you don't think physical therapy will benefit you, you may find treatment elsewhere. Physical therapy can improve your gait and treat your foot drop (also known as "drop foot") with orthotics therapy. Learn more about foot orthotics therapy and how it can benefit you below. Read More