Advice For Avoiding An Eczema Flair Up

29 December 2015
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Eczema is a painful and itchy condition that can leave you with red, blotchy and flaky skin. While eczema is a condition that reoccurs, it is also a condition that you do have some control over. With some simple lifestyle changes, you can decrease the amount of flair ups you have to deal with. This article will educate you on some of the things you can do to help decrease the number of outbreaks you have to deal with. Read More 

Childhood Rash Making Your Child Uncomfortable? 3 Ways To Soothe The Itch

14 December 2015
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If your child woke up with a rash all over their body, the first thing you want to do is check with their physician to make sure it's not contagious. Once you've determined what type of rash your child has, you'll want to reduce the redness and stop the itching. Their physician may prescribe medications to stop the itch, but your child may still experience minor itching and discomfort while the rash is healing. Read More 

Knowing When Your Sick Child Needs Medical Attention: Tips For You

27 November 2015
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As a first-time parent, you find yourself facing the many challenges of parenthood without always knowing what to do and when to seek out the assistance of medical professionals. Many parents panic and take their child to the doctor at every sniffle or flush of the cheek, even when not necessary. And still others tend to not contact doctors even when they should. In order to be sure that you take your child to the doctor or walk in clinic when they need it, get to know some of the scenarios in which your child absolutely does need medical attention. Read More 

Tips For Communicating With A Parent Who Has Alzheimer’s Disease

9 November 2015
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Your parent is becoming more difficult to speak with as their disease advances. Their cognitive and verbal skills are slowing down so even simple concepts are hard to get across. Alzheimer's care specialists use a number of techniques to communicate with their patients. Here are a few tips from these professionals to help you keep the communication open between you and your aging parent. 1. Keep the conversation positive or emotionally neutral. Read More 

Understanding The Risk Factors For Preeclampsia

26 October 2015
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Preeclampsia is both highly dangerous and highly manageable. A blood pressure disorder that can occur during pregnancy, preeclampsia can lead to organ failure, seizures, and death. But it also has a clear cure: the delivery of the fetus. And fetuses can be delivered earlier now than ever before; in 2011, a baby girl named Frieda was delivered in Germany after only 21 weeks and five days. So when preeclampsia develops, the standard treatment is to carefully monitor the mother and then induce labor if the preeclampsia becomes too severe. Read More