Advice For Avoiding An Eczema Flair Up

29 December 2015
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Eczema is a painful and itchy condition that can leave you with red, blotchy and flaky skin. While eczema is a condition that reoccurs, it is also a condition that you do have some control over. With some simple lifestyle changes, you can decrease the amount of flair ups you have to deal with. This article will educate you on some of the things you can do to help decrease the number of outbreaks you have to deal with.

Learn what triggers your eczema

The triggers for eczema can differ from person to person, but some of the more common triggers include dust mites, harsh soaps and shampoos, certain deodorants, makeup, scented body products and some brands of laundry detergents.

Any time you have an outbreak, write down everything you did in the last day and any new products you have used. Keeping track of this information will allow you to look for patterns so you can learn what triggers your eczema. This will make it much easier for you to keep your skin free of eczema for long periods of time.

Don't put your skin in irritating positions

Sweating a lot can irritate your skin to the point of causing your eczema to come back. Do what you can to decrease the amount of sweating you endure. Wear light clothes, don't stand in the hot sun for too long and shower shortly after your workouts to promptly remove the sweat.

Certain types of clothing can also lead to eczema flair ups. Wool is one example of material that tends to be very harsh on skin. You should do better sticking to clothing made from cotton. You may also find that putting your clothes through the rinse cycle twice can help since it removes more of the soap residue from the clothing.

Don't allow your skin to become dry

You should try to keep your skin moist so you will have a better chance of fending off eczema breakouts. Try to go from hot showers to warm ones and use a soft cloth to gently clean your skin with mild, unscented soap. Use an unscented lotion daily that doesn't irritate your skin. When looking for the right lotion, try going for the brand that contains the least amount of ingredients, this will lessen the chances of you having a reaction to it.

The advice here will help you to keep your skin healthy longer. When you do have a flair up, you should avoid scratching it. Also, get in to see the dermatologist so they can give you an ointment you can count on to help treat the condition quickly.  

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