4 Reasons A Surgical Lift May Be Preferable To Fillers

6 January 2015
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Are you looking into the latest in anti-aging techniques? There are many new dermal fillers out there that claim to be able to restore a youthful appearance during as little as a lunch break, but that doesn't mean that they're necessarily preferable to a surgical lift. Facelift procedures today are minimally invasive, easy to recover from and have some clear advantages.

1. A Surgical Lift is More Dramatic

All a dermal filler can really do is plump up fine to moderate lines. Surgical lifts create a more dramatic change in appearance and can even be used in conjunction with fillers for a completely rejuvenated appearance. Surgical lifts can also be done depending on the amount of lift you desire; your cosmetic surgeon can lift the exact amount that you prefer to ensure that you get the look that you want.

2. A Surgical Lift Lasts Longer

Surgical lifts will last until your skin begins naturally sagging again. This will not take as long as it did for your skin to initially sag--part of the sagging is due to a natural breakdown in collagen that comes with age--but it will be at least a few years before you need to repeat the process. Meanwhile, fillers often need to be repeated every few months or every six months. This can be time-consuming as well as expensive and it means that you won't always be looking your best.

3. Surgical Lifts Have Been Performed for Longer

Surgical lifts have been completed for many decades and surgeons today are quite skilled at them. There are new techniques developed all the time. Comparatively, fillers have only been popular for the last decade and there are many complications that could arise, especially in the hands of less experienced technicians. As an example, nerve damage can occur if the fillers are injected improperly.

4. Surgical Lifts Affect the Entire Face

While dermal fillers must be injected into certain areas of the face and are specifically suited towards areas such as the corners of the mouth, surgical lifts can be used to tighten the entire face. As an example, the forehead area may have fine lines and wrinkles in it. It is not suitable for a dermal filler because the forehead usually doesn't have any natural padding but it can be tightened through a surgical lift.

Of course, all of the above doesn't necessarily mean that a facelift is right for you. You may want to consult with your cosmetic surgeon to find out more about your options. Your cosmetic surgeon will go over each of them and discuss both the benefits and negatives, so that you can choose the best solution for your individual aging needs.