5 Tips To Start Feeling Like Yourself Again After Having A Baby

16 January 2015
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Pregnancy drastically changes a woman's body- weight gain, water retention, and stretch marks are all common. The reward is a precious child, but in the weeks and months after birth many women feel uncomfortable in their post-partum bodies. Having a child does not mean that you can't feel and look good- use the following tips to start feeling like yourself again in a healthy way after baby:

Well-Rounded Diet

The first couple of months after giving birth is not the best time to start a fad diet, especially if you are breastfeeding your child. Instead of choosing a low carb or low calorie diet plan, focus on eating whole foods that are rich in nutrients and will help you as you recover from childbirth. Over time a whole food diet will help you shed the baby weight, while also providing you with the vitamins and minerals that you need.

Take Things Slow

Giving birth takes a great toll on your body, which is why doctors recommend that you avoid high impact exercise routines during the weeks that you are healing. When you feel ready to be active again, start out with low impact exercises, such as walking. Most newborns loved to be pushed in a stroller, and walking is excellent exercise for new moms.

Don't Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Caring for a newborn is intense, and many moms become sleep deprived and completely worn out. Don't be afraid to ask for help, whether it is from the baby's father or your friends and family members. Getting as much rest as possible is essential, and when you are able to get a good stretch of sleep you will be in a better position to lovingly care for your baby.

Socialize as You Feel Comfortable

Some new moms enjoy spending time alone with their new baby, while others like to have friends and family members around for support. In the days and weeks after you deliver, choose what feels best for you. If you're a social person who wants to be around friends, make plans with your girlfriends to introduce them to your new child. On the other hand, if you are more of an introvert, take your time at home until you feel comfortable socializing.

Enroll in a Mommy Boot Camp Class

After you doctor clears medically clears you for normal exercise, a mommy boot camp class (such as those offered by Mack's Hybrid Fitness LLC) is an excellent option if you are seeking a fun routine that will get you into the shape that you want, while giving you the opportunity to meet other moms in your area. Mommy boot camp can be intense, but they promote healthy weight loss, and the results are often apparent in a short amount of time.