Muscle-Preserving Workouts For Those On Low Carb Diets

28 January 2015
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Eliminating sugars and carbohydrates from a diet is a good strategy for losing weight, but there is a drawback. Yes, you will burn up fat and become much leaner and much slimmer, but the resultant physique could end up being smallish and plain if you do not preserve muscle mass. Hitting the gym and performing a low carb specific workout helps maintain muscle tone and crafts an impressive physique.

Running Burns Fat and Builds Muscle

Running is an excellent activity for those interesting in enhancing muscle tone while taking part in a low carb diet. Running, for one, burns a massive amount of calories. Since the amount of glucose in the body has been reduced thanks to diminished carb intake, your running sessions end up targeting stored fat. The more fat burned from running, the more ripped muscle shows under the skin. 

A common concern about high-intensity cardio workouts is the activities also burn muscle. Tweaking your running workouts could change this undesirable result. In particular, if you add sprinting to your running workout, you will both preserve and build muscle. Sprinting greatly contributes to releasing the muscle-building hormone testosterone. As a result, maintains more of its muscle mass than would be the case with walking or jogging.

Hit at Least One Day a Week of Mass Building Workouts

No matter how much you run, you risk losing some muscle mass due to going on the major decrease in calories a low carb diet causes. Lifting simple free weights found in gyms all across the globe provides the simplest solution to keeping that desirable muscle. 

Visit your local gym (such as American Fitness) a minimum of once a week and perform two classic barbell exercises: the military press and the squat. Mistakenly considered just a shoulder exercise, the military press also hits the biceps, triceps, forearms, and upper chest. The squat works all the muscles in the front and rear quads, hamstrings, buttocks, and calves. Performing these two basic free weight exercises builds up extra muscle mass that compensates for any muscle metabolized from eating too few calories or performing high-intensity sprinting.

Perform Push-Ups and Sissy Squats When You Can't Get to the Gym

When you are not able to get to the gym, switch to body weight exercises. The basic push up is a reliable substitute for the military press and the bench press. Body weight squats provide mass building support for the muscles in the lower body.

Start with low reps and build up to higher ones as your muscular endurance and strength increase. These body weight exercises end up being great for low carb dieters since they aid in building muscular endurance lost when there is too little energy-boosting glucose in the system.