What Are The Pros And Cons Of Cremation?

4 February 2015
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When your loved one has passed, it may be up to you to decide how to deal with their remains. If you don't want to bury them, you have the option of cremating them and either spreading their remains or keeping them. During cremation, their body is exposed to high heat, which reduces their bone fragments to remains. Here are some of the pros and cons of cremation:

Pro: There are many memorial options

With a cremation, you have more options as far as the memorial goes. You can still do a traditional burial at the area where the ashes are going to be spread or buried. You can also keep them in an urn, or store them in artwork, jewelry, or in the ground and plant a tree over it. You can also spread the ashes in different parts of the world, which is a great idea if the deceased loved to travel.

Con: No alternative options will be available

When you choose to cremate a body, there is no reversing the process or deciding on an alternative later on. With a regular burial, you may be able to exhume the body at a later date and cremate the remains if your family decides on this option. Once you have created a body into ashes, there is no going back. This may be seen as a disadvantage if you are not 100 percent sure about your decision.

Pro: It is considered more Eco-friendly

Since embalming fluid and other chemicals are not used for the body, cremation is often considered more Eco-friendly alternative. There are also not natural resources used when preparing a cremation. If your loved one who passed cared a lot about the environment, they would most likely prefer cremation over a traditional burial.

Con: Family disputes may occur

Another disadvantage to cremation is that family members often disagree about this option. Not only will they agree about the cremation itself, but what to do with the remains. If your loved one who passed had a will that states they want to be cremated, it makes the decision a lot easier. They may have also included where the ashes should be spread, so this would stop any family disputes in their tracks.

Pro: You save money

Cremation is sometimes chosen because it is the least expensive option. With a regular burial, you are paying more for the embalming of the body, make-up applied for the service, the casket, funeral and memorial service, and burial service. With cremation, you have more control over the costs, since after the cremation itself, it is up to you what services you choose.

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