Neck And Back Relief During Veteran Benefits And Appeals

12 March 2015
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Many veterans leave the military with some rough physical conditions. Years of sleeping on the ground, in small ship sleeping racks, or on any surface available can ruin the back before falls, explosions or attacks can even threaten your health. Whether you're suffering because of combat injuries, accidents out of combat, or normal wear and tear, take into consideration the ways that a chiropractor can help you with or without veteran benefits.

Will Veteran Benefits Cover Chiropractor Visits?

During your journey through the Department of Veterans Affairs compensation and pension process, you may be dealing with a lot of pain already. Some claims can take up to a year to complete, which may not include appeals or requests to review additional information. If your back is hurting now, you shouldn't wait that long.

Contact Veterans Affairs and discuss the pain that you're enduring. Walk into a Veterans Affairs (VA) clinic if necessary and wait to be seen for your pain. If you suggest that you may need a chiropractor, a doctor (often contracted and not fully part of the VA system) may be able to refer you to a chiropractor as part of the compensation assessment.

It isn't a guarantee, but if your doctor or other medical care professional under VA employment can write a reasonable need for chiropractor referral, you can be well on your way to feeling better about your back.

If you're already receiving disability benefits from the VA, the process is much easier. You'll need to contact your primary care provider to explore other options such as pain medication, but with the proper notice beforehand, the VA is generally agreeable when it comes to chiropractic referrals for disabled veterans.

Using Chiropractor Medical Evidence For Claims

If you're visiting a chiropractor on your own, make sure to keep any examination documents. They may help you in compensation and pension claim processes.

The standard compensation and pension examination should be thorough, but there are times when missed appointments or lost paperwork could cause you to miss out on a specific examination. If you'd like to bring attention to a specific issue such as back problems, the independent voice of a chiropractor can be very useful.

Let your chiropractor know that you're trying to get evidence for a compensation claim. With that information in mind, the chiropractor can perform a thorough analysis of your situation without performing any therapy. Due to the nature of physical therapy such as chiropractic work, you may want to have your current injured and ailing status recorded before any work is done, simply to avoid a shift of blame from your military service injuries to chiropractor actions.

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