Advantages Of A Single Tooth Implant Compared To A Bridge

1 April 2015
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Did you recently get a tooth knocked out or simply have one tooth that is so decayed that it needs to go? Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry has advanced quite a bit in recent years and it's now possible to fix that gap in your teeth. The two most common options for replacing missing teeth are the installation of dental implants or a bridge. If you are only missing one tooth or are soon going to have one of your real teeth removed, here's why getting a single tooth dental implant may be a better choice than a bridge.

Don't Harm the Nearby Teeth

If you are thinking about getting a single tooth dental implant, it's because something has already gone wrong inside your mouth. One reason why you should move forward with the implant instead of the bridge is because a dental implant will not cause any harm to your neighboring teeth. Contrast that with a bridge, which requires that adjacent teeth also be essentially removed in order to support a bridge in that area of your mouth.

Healthier Bone

When a dental implant is installed, the tooth's root is also replaced. This means that the bone in the surrounding area will be better preserved. If you were to go with a bridge installation instead, some of the bone that previously was attached to the tooth will be to deteriorate, which can lead to more problems in your mouth later down the line.

More Visually Appealing for the Long Term

One obvious advantage of a single tooth implant is that it mostly looks like a real tooth, or at least more than a bridge installation tends to. But there are also long term visual benefits to going the implant route. Bridges can degrade more easily over time, as gums and bone recede around the area, eventually leaving the metal part of the bridge exposed. The cement that holds the bridge in place can also fall apart over time. Because a dental implant integrates with your jawbone, the chances of something happening are much smaller.

If you need to get a single tooth replaced, it's probably in your best interest to get a single tooth dental implant (from a specialist such as one from Great Plains Oral Surgery And Implant Center) instead of getting a bridge installed in your mouth. A dental implant will fix the problem without causing the loss of any additional adjacent teeth, will help keep your bones and gums healthy and will maintain its visual appeal for longer than a bridge.