Improved Hearing: 5 Steps To Keep Your Loved Ones From Shouting At You

29 April 2015
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


According to the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC), roughly 38 million individuals in the United States suffer from hearing loss. With that many people being affected by hearing loss, it is important to be routinely screened for problems with your hearing. If you are suffering from  hearing loss, here are five steps that need to be taken sooner rather than later so that you can not only help yourself but your loved ones as well:

1. Stop Denying That Your Hearing Has Faltered.

The first step to better hearing is to admit that there is a problem. Stop denying the fact that your hearing isn't what it used to be. Statistics show that about 15 million Americans avoid seeking help even though they are having issues with their hearing. In fact, the CHC says that most people with a hearing problem tend to wait around seven years before seeing an audiologist. The longer you wait to seek help, the worse your hearing is going to get. This will likely result in relationships falling apart, work becoming harder and more.

2. Maintain a Positive Outlook at All Times.

Once you make the decision to seek help for your hearing problem, you must remain strong and positive. Your success is going to depend greatly on your attitude, determination to improve your hearing and your overall desire to comprehend the problem.

3. Have the Desire to Learn About Your Problem.

Now that you've been able to stop denying that you do indeed have a hearing problem, you need to focus on learning about that problem. The best way to better your hearing is to "hit the books," so to speak. Work with your audiologist in learning about your particular problem, what caused your loss, the various hearing devices and styles available and prices.

4. Make Sure to Have Realistic Expectations.

You probably aren't going to have the hearing that you did before you started losing it. For that reason, you need to put your primary focus on the improvement of your hearing at a slow and gradual pace.

5. Understand It Takes Patience, Time and Practice.

Like anything else, transitioning to hearing aids isn't going to be easy or quick. It's a good investment, but you likely won't see dividends for a few weeks while you're getting used to them. However, you can enhance your overall experience by wearing them as often as you can and understanding that you will be hearing things that you haven't heard in years.

Come to terms with the fact that you have lost all or part of your hearing and seek out help from an experienced audiologist in your area, like those at Central Bucks Hearing Center. It is possible to come back from something like this.