Are You Suffering With Malocclusion Dental Problems?

1 July 2015
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The word malocclusion means 'bad bite', a term used to refer to the misalignment of the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed. Some people have an overbite, their front teeth protruding over their bottom ones. You may be one of the people with an underbite, meaning your lower teeth protrude out further than your top teeth. Finding out more about the kinds of problems a 'bad bite' causes can help you get the best treatment for your malocclusion issue.

A 'Bad Bite' Can Make Dental Hygiene Challenging

In some cases of malocclusion, teeth are so close together that getting between them with floss can be difficult or impossible. Because of this issue, the risk of serious gum disease is much greater. Many people suffering with various types of malocclusion also suffer with dental problems like gingivitis and cavities as well. If your tooth and jaw alignment is off kilter, seeing your dentist about your options for straightening them is important for maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

Poorly Chewed Food Can Lead To Serious Digestive Problems

If you are not properly chewing your food because of crooked teeth or malocclusion, you could also be suffering from digestive problems like chronic heartburn and acid reflux. In some cases, acidic imbalance in the stomach can lead to ulcers. You may be taking many over-the-counter medications for heartburn that also have unwanted side effects. Your dentist can help you learn more about braces and about your many options for straightening out your teeth. Remember, you can get braces if you are an adult as well.

Speech Problems And Your Social Life

Speaking with a lisp can cause you to feel embarrassed, the reason you may spend a lot of time at home. Seeking treatment for straightening your teeth can be the first step to speaking clearer. For people that have dealt with a lisp for a long time, getting their teeth fixed can open up a whole new world where they can look forward to meeting new people. Living your life with low self-confidence and few, meaningful social encounters can also lead to serious depression and anxiety.

Maybe you are too embarrassed to smile in front of other people. Maybe you also have a hard time pronouncing some letters or words. Visiting your dentist is a good place to start learning more about the steps you can take to greater oral health, thus also meaning the treatment for other related conditions as well. Contact a professional like Gregory W. Jackson DDS Ltd for more information.