How To Soothe Tired And Aching Feet

25 August 2015
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If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you may suffer from tired feet at the end of the day. This can make your feet hurt and feel cramped up. Since giving your feet a break for a day or so may not be an option for you, there are other things you can do to help your feet feel better. Following the tips detailed in this article will help you soothe tired and aching feet.

Use a frozen water bottle

Keep a bottle of water in your freezer. When you get home, take the water bottle and roll it under your feet. The ice will help cool your feet and the massaging effect will help to soothe the tired muscles. You can also use the frozen water bottle in the morning to prepare your feet for the long day ahead of them.

Use marbles

You can also take a couple of handfuls of marbles and put them in a couple of shoeboxes. Set the shoeboxes on the floor in front of your favorite chair and put your feet in them. Roll the marbles back and forth with your feet. You can do this while you watch your favorite show for a great deal of foot pain relief. The marbles can also be put in the freezer to make them cool.

Wear thick socks

When your feet are tired and sore, the hard floor can be a bit much for them. Wearing thick socks around the house will help make walking around more comfortable. You can also slip on some thick slippers to further the padding you have on your feet.

Use a foot spa

You can purchase a foot spa at most pharmacies. You'll add hot water to the spa and place your feet in it. When you turn it on, it will provide you with a jet motion that will make your feet feel much better. These spas are small and portable, so you can use them nearly anywhere in your house.

When to see your podiatrist

If you start to experience worsening pain, swelling or cramping then you should make an appointment to see your podiatrist. You may have developed a problem greater than simply having tired and overworked feet. A podiatrist like Laurel Podiatry Associates, LLC can give you an exam and treat any medical issues you may have with your feet, such as plantar fasciitis or tendon problems.