Buying A Walk-In Tub? Safety Features To Look For

1 February 2016
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There are a range of walk in bathtubs on the market, but if you want one that will offer as much safety as possible, you should look for a few features in particular. Shopping for a walk in tub? Want to ensure it's as safe as possible? Look for these features.

Shallow step

Most walk in tubs have a small step upward. To ensure you can navigate it easily, you want it to be as shallow as possible. If possible, test the step before buying it, or find out how high it is, and make sure that you can easily lift your foot that high without losing your balance.

Wide door

A narrow door leading into the walk in tub forces you to turn to the side to enter the tub, and that can throw you off balance. Instead, you need a wide door. This allows you to step straight into the tub while keeping your feet should width apart in a strong, stable position.

Entry handles

Entry handles located on each side of the walk in tub entrance allow you to stabilize your weight as you step into the tub. Without handles, your only option is to grip the side of the tub, and this can be slippery and hard to grasp.

Slip resistant floor

So that you are not likely to slip when you are standing in the tub, make sure that you invest in a model with a slip-resistant floor. If that is not possible or if you are modifying an existing tub, make sure to add a slip-resistant mat to the floor of the tub.

A soaking seat

Soaking seats are seats in the tub that you sit on. Thanks to them you can enjoy a relaxing soak without sitting down in the tub and having to struggle to get back up again. In most cases, if you opt for a soaking seat, you will need a walk in tub that is relatively short and deep rather than long and shallow. This is ideal if you are replacing a small tub or a shower.

Whirlpool massagers

While you are soaking, you may as well make the experience as therapeutic as possible. Whirlpool massagers can stimulate and relax your muscles while you are in the bath. As  result, your muscles are looser and more supple at the end of the bath.

That can help with everything from muscular pain to joint stiffness, and in the long run, it can help you become stronger and less likely to fall.


Many walkin tubs come with inline heaters. These keep the water warm longer and reduce cooling from the air. As a result, you are likely to soak longer, and your muscles enjoy the relaxing advantages of heat therapy.

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