3 Things You Need to Know About Dealing with Your Mental Illness or Addiction

24 October 2016
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Dealing with a mental illness can be very difficult. It could be anything from an addiction to depression and anxiety. The illness can affect your entire life and make it so that you can no longer function on a normal level. This is why many people seek professional help. They know that the illness is real and that simply ignoring it will not make it go away. Here are some things you should know about your illness.

1. The Addiction and Mental Illness Is Not Part of Your Identity—It Is an Intruder

In some cases, when people deal with some sort of mental illness, they start to believe that the illness is a party of their identity. They might start to think that they are an "anxious person," rather than saying, "I am person who deals with anxiety." The difference here is that in the first case the individual has adopted the anxiety as a flawed part of who they are. Many people have success when they adopt the second approach and see the illness as an intruder in their life. They personify the illness to say, "that's anxiety talking to me again, but they are not wanted or invited, so go away!" These kinds of thoughts help you to see that you can separate yourself from your illness so that it doesn't become a debilitating part of your identity.

2. Treat the Illness and Addiction As What It Actually Is: A Medical Problem

It is important not to dismiss mental illness because it is in the brain. You cannot think yourself out of feeling addiction, anxiety, or depression. Although you can cope with these feelings, like using the technique mentioned earlier, you will need to get professional help. You wouldn't ignore high blood pressure or cancer, but many people ignore mental illness, seeing it as a weakness rather than a sincere medical problem. It is vital that you talk to a doctor about medical options and what you can do to better manage the problem

3. Be Patient with Yourself

Many people who deal with mental illnesses see themselves as different than others. They see everyone else as "normal" and themselves as weak or broken. This couldn't be more further from the truth. You are working with your body and your limitations to make the best life possible. That is simply what everyone is doing. Your limitations may be within your mind, but they are not a flaw or a weakness that makes you any less than anyone else.

By understanding these things, you can heal more effectively as you go through mental illness or addiction treatment.