Want A Curvy Backside? 3 Body Contouring Tips To Help

21 June 2017
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


A curvy buttocks is part of the ideal body type for many people. If you do not have curves naturally, there are several ways you can enhance the appearance of your buttocks and achieve your desired shape.

Sculpt What You Have

Having the buttocks you want can involve hard work if you are not naturally inclined to build muscle in that area. Develop an exercise regimen that includes muscle-building specifically in that area. You will need to be consistent, because it may take months to notice results and maintaining the look will require ongoing work. Some exercises you can perform are squats, donkey kicks, and lunges. To add variation or make these exercises more challenging as you become stronger, add weights. For squats and lunges, simple hand weights will add resistance. If you are performing exercises like donkey kicks, use ankle weights to make them harder. Sculpting your buttocks with exercises will help build muscle, which can make your buttocks appear larger, but it will also help keep the area toned and shapely.

Destroy Unwanted Fat

Removing unwanted fat in the areas surrounding the buttocks can make the area look more curvy. When you look in the mirror, you may notice you have extra fat in your lower back or underneath your buttocks where your upper thigh connects. Contouring these areas with fat removal procedures will make your curves more obvious. There are several body contouring procedures used to decrease stubborn fat. The least invasive method is coolsculpting. A device is used to chill each area so the fat cells die. The entire procedure is done externally and you will see results over several months, as long as you maintain a lifestyle that does not cause weight gain. Liposuction is another option that is ideal if you want to have the fat removed and relocated to another area to aid in contouring.

Consider Fat Injections

Fat injections allow you to remove fat in one area and relocate it to another. If you have decided you want to remove fat in the areas surrounding your buttocks and want a quicker method of sculpting your buttocks, this can give you the best of both worlds. After the fat is removed, your doctor will inject it into your buttocks. The manner in which it is injected will dictate the results, so your doctor will inject the fat and manually massage the area to create the desired shape. It is easier to see results quickly with this method once any swelling subsides. There is always the risk that your body will simply burn off the fat that was injected, so there is no guarantee the results will be permanent.

If you admire a curvy body, there are several tactics to help you create your own curves. A combination of hard work and body contouring procedures can help you create and maintain your desired look.