How To Decide Between Moisturizer Or Lubricant After Childbirth

12 September 2017
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Vaginal lubricants and moisturizers are similar in that they both provide greater moisture to the vaginal area. However, how they function is slightly different. Lubricants are intended for short-term use. They coat the vagina and labia to provide a lubricant that is wiped or washed away. Alternatively, moisturizer soaks into the vaginal tissue, staying in place for a longer period and actually improving the elasticity of the tissue. Whether you use a lubricant or moisturizer in the months after you give birth is a personal choice, but these questions will help you make a decision on what is best for you:

When do you experience discomfort? 

Because your vaginal discomfort can have several causes such as tearing during birth or low estrogen levels, you should consider when and how you experience discomfort. If you experience discomfort all of the time, a moisturizer may be a better solution than a lubricant. If you only experience discomfort during sex, a lubricant may help. However, if your discomfort is due to scar tissue as opposed to dryness, a moisturizer and daily massage may be needed to solve your problem. 

Are you sexually active? 

Lubricants are almost exclusively used for intimate purposes. If you are not sexually active but are still experiencing irritation or chaffing, you will likely need a moisturizer rather than a lubricant. However, if you have red, short-term irritation on your labia, you may find immediate relief from a lubricant. 

Do you desire spontaneous sex? 

Generally, moisturizers are considered more likely to contribute to spontaneous sex than lubricants. This is because lubricants must be applied just before or during sexual activity while a single application of moisturizer can last all day, allowing you to engage in comfortable sex at any time. However, most moisturizers require you to abstain from sexual activity for an hour or more after you apply the moisturizer to give it time to absorb into your tissue. Depending on your daily schedule, this can actually make sex less spontaneous than a lubricant, especially considering that lubricants can be used as part of foreplay. 

If you are confused on whether you want to use a moisturizer or a lubricant after child birth, you should talk to your gynecologist. With either option, you should make sure you are cleared for sexual activity before using your choice in an intimate manner. If neither of these help, you may talk to your doctor about more intense lubrication methods such as hormonal supplementation. 

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