Is A Keto Diet Causing Your Erectile Dysfunction?

17 October 2018
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The ketogenic diet is one that focuses on fatty foods and high-protein dishes as a way of generating weight loss. However, there is a small – but real – chance that this type of diet could cause complications like erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, there are ED medications you can take to handle these issues.

Foods On Keto May Increase Cholesterol

The success rate of ketogenic diet is so high because a protein-rich diet triggers a process known as ketosis. When this happens, your body will burn fat off your body at an increased rate and help you lose a lot of weight. However, it may also cause some health problems.

That's because – in some cases – a ketogenic diet may increase a person's blood cholesterol. Most of the time, these increases occur only if a person doesn't follow the routine of of the diet properly. Unfortunately, high cholesterol may trigger a chain reaction of symptoms, including erectile dysfunction.

High Cholesterol May Trigger Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a complex issue that has many different causes, one of which is the narrowing of the blood vessels throughout the body – particularly in the penis. This condition often occurs as men age and requires the use of ED medications to manage.

However, high levels of cholesterol may also cause a narrowing of the blood vessels. This dangerous health problem can lead to heart attacks and strokes if left untended, but ED is often the most common early symptom. Thankfully, it is possible to manage erectile dysfunction and high cholesterol at the same time to improve both conditions.

Many Types Of Medications May Help

If you believe that a keto diet triggered high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction, there are many steps that you can take. First of all, you should probably stop the keto diet and transition to a carbohydrate-focused routine. In this way, you can balance your cholesterol and manage many symptoms.

You should also take medicine for lowering cholesterol, of which there are many available on the market today. There are also many medicines for erectile dysfunction that help to manage its symptoms temporarily. You can take these medications until your cholesterol lowers and your sexual drive returns.

So don't hesitate to talk to a professional about the benefits of erectile dysfunction medicines. You can learn more about how these prescription drugs work, how they manage this disorder, and what types are the best for your overall health.