What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Cremation For A Deceased Loved One?

3 December 2018
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Did someone who meant so much to you recently pass away? If you are now responsible for making important funeral arrangement decisions, you may want to think about cremation. Rather than having your loved one buried at a cemetery, you could have the body cremated and then keep the ashes with you.

It Is a More Affordable Option

Funerals are expensive and can cost families thousands of dollars. Some people end up taking out loans just to cover these expenses. Cremation is an affordable alternative to a traditional burial in a casket at a cemetery. Family members would spend less on funeral expenses because there is no burial for the deceased. If you are concerned about covering the cost of funeral expenses, you could always have a funeral service for your deceased loved one at a funeral home and then have his or her remains cremated after everyone gets a chance to say goodbye for the last time.

It Gives Family Member a Sense of Closeness to the Deceased Loved One

Aside from the affordability aspect, some people simply prefer cremation because it makes them feel like they are still quite close to their loved ones. Rather than having your loved one buried in a cemetery that you would need to travel to regularly just to pay him or her a visit, you can have the cremated ashes placed in an urn and keep it close to you inside your home. While traditional urns are often placed on mantelpieces in the living room and nightstands in the bedroom, there are other ways to keep the ashes of the one you love.

In fact, if your loved one is cremated, you can have his or her ashes placed in urn jewelry or stuffed animals with miniature urns inside of them. The stuffed animals are ideal for young children while the urn jewelry is ideal for anyone. There are plenty of different types of urn jewelry available, including pendant necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. Wearing the jewelry each day may help you get through the grieving process. It gives you a chance to feel like your loved one is close to you, whether you are at home, at work, or even driving in your car.

If someone special in your life has passed on and you are making all the funeral arrangements, consider using cremation services. Not only is it the more affordable option, but it is also a way for you to keep your loved one's cremated ashes close to you in a beautiful urn or a timeless piece of urn jewelry that you can wear regularly.