How To Get Breast Implants Without Breast Scarring

16 December 2019
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Many women want breast implants but shy away because of the thought of having scars left behind on breast tissue. Whether you want to strut your stuff in a bikini or don't want to be embarrassed in the bedroom, there's no reason to give up on breast implants just because you don't want to have visible scarring on your breasts. Here's why.

The Problem With Standard Implant Procedures

If you're worried about scarring, you have a reason to be: traditional breast implant surgery can leave behind a mark on the breast. This is because the breast is cut open to insert the implant, and when it's stitched close, a scar often forms. While this scar may not be as noticeable as you fear, there is a way to bypass it entirely.

Transumbilical Breast Implants

Have you ever heard of transumbilical breast implants? They're a unique variety that are put in place in a much different way from traditional breast implants. The best thing is, they don't create any scarring on your breast or near your breast at all. The only mark you're likely to come away with is, believe it or not, one on your navel.

How They Work

Transumbilical breast implants, as the name implies, are actually inserted through the navel, rather than by cutting open the breast itself. This is possible by using an uninflated breast implant. Here's how it works.

When you get a transumbilical breast implant, a small incision is made in the navel while you're under general anesthesia. Then, once the incision is made, by utilizing a tiny camera, the surgeon will carefully thread the breast implant up through your body until it reaches the space behind the breast. Once it's in place, your surgeon will fill the implant with saline solution and will seal it off. They'll then repeat the process with the other breast, also threading it up through the navel.

When you wake up, you should only have a small mark on your navel. You'll be able to wear whatever you like without any concerns of showing off scars, as the mark on your navel should blend in quite well with the natural wrinkles in or on your navel.

Getting breast implants no longer requires having a scar form on or near your breast tissue. By getting a transumbilical breast implant, you can ensure that your breasts will be of the size that you want without having to feel self-conscious or left wondering if other people know that they're implants because of visible scarring. Talk to your plastic surgeon about implants today.