Problems That Can Result From Not Treating Erectile Dysfunction

4 April 2023
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


When you first notice signs of erectile dysfunction, you might hope that it's an isolated incident that shouldn't be a cause for alarm. While this could certainly be the case, it's also possible that the problem may persist. Lots of men feel embarrassed about erectile dysfunction and may initially be reluctant to seek treatment. It's important to know, however, that ED is an issue that can respond well to many different forms of treatment — allowing you to once again achieve a firm erection that has been elusive for a while. Here are some problems that can result from not seeking treatment for your ED. 

Intimacy Issues 

Few things can cause upset in a relationship as quickly as intimacy issues. While your partner might initially be sympathetic toward your erectile dysfunction, they may begin to get frustrated as the issue goes on. This can especially be true if they've encouraged you to seek medical help but you haven't moved forward. Frustration in the bedroom may cause a rift in your dynamic. For example, you might begin to argue over things that wouldn't have previously caused an argument because you're both tense about this situation.

Low Self-Esteem

You may begin to notice a change in your level of self-esteem as your erectile dysfunction persists. Even if your partner is understanding and patient with you, you might start to feel that you cannot satisfy them. This is a feeling that can be deeply troubling, causing you to feel bad about yourself. This low self-esteem may stay with you outside of the bedroom, too. For example, you might doubt your abilities at work because of how negatively you view yourself as a result of your ED issues.

Missed Warning Sign Of Other Problems

There are many different reasons that you may develop erectile dysfunction. While it's easy to think that this issue may solely be due to stress, it's possible that it could be associated with a serious health issue such as the hardening of your arteries. When you seek help for your ED, your medical professional will run various tests to determine the likely cause. Ignoring the condition means that you may miss getting an early warning sign of a serious issue with your health. Given the many consequences of failing to seek treatment for your erectile dysfunction, it's important to make an appointment with your family doctor to discuss this issue.